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Clinics opened in July

We are delighted to be able to open up our clinics in Wolverhampton and Roseville House (Gloucestershire) for face-to-face consultations and medical treatments.  Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our online consultations are a very popular and efficient way to make contact as a new patient or for a quick follow-up without the need for any physical examination. If you would like to discuss any concerns please contact us and we will send you a secure link to see me and talk online.

We are hoping to gradually open the clinics at the Ramsay Hospitals and Welbeck Hospital in London over the next few months. Unfortunately, our operating facilities at the Ramsay Hospitals have been taken over by the NHS and they are currently restricting all cosmetic operations. The NHS has ordered that private work can only take place on clinical priority when and if the Hospitals Trust are not using  the private hospitals.  This  means that my ability to offer you a cosmetic operation in the West Midlands and Gloucestershire is severely limited. If you are on my waiting list and are facing issues regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me and I will pass in your details to the relevant Hospital Manager.

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