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Silhouette Lift is a minimally invasive face-lift technique performed with local anaesthetic in less than 45 minutes as a day case procedure. The immediate recovery enables you to go back to normal activities within 2 days and after 2 weeks the face should have recovered its soft and natural aspect.

The procedure takes place in 4 stages: Insertion – Deployment – Anchoring – Suspension - Fixation

The threads are inserted through a small needle incision in the facial region. These sutures are made from absorbable, biocompatible material with the human body which has been used for many years in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgery. They are not barbed which avoids any tissue damage and with its small re-absorbable cones that anchor themselves in deep tissue, tension is produced which lifts the sagging tissue.

The fibrosis around the suture produces a much stronger suspension mechanism than traditional methods. The new Silhouette Lift sutures avoid problems of movement, breakage and pain that occur with barbed sutures. Silhouette Lift is ideal for correcting nasolabial folds, expression lines, and the oval of the face, cheeks, and neck.

Facial tiredness is erased, giving you a younger and very natural appearance for many years to come. Silhouette Lift is an efficient technique for both men and women. Recent results show that it is possible to "re-tighten" the threads after 3-5 years.

The Infinite-Thread® is CE-marked. This means that it meets the very stringent requirements of the European Union for medical devices. This suspension thread is made of polyester and solid medical-grade silicone, which have been the gold standard for permanent medical devices for more than 50 years. This rejuvenation is the immediate result of the repositioning of the collapsed tissues to their original location thanks to the notches of the Infinite-Thread®. The folds, lines and other jowls formed by the sliding of the subcutaneous fat are greatly dissipated or even eliminated. The cheekbones are redesigned and the jawline is tightened.

Guide Price:  From £ 5,000.00

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