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The One Stitch Face Lift is a different approach to address the changes in facial shape and contour that occurs with ageing. It allows you to have a subtle refreshed and youthful look without having a full facelift. This procedure involves having a local anaesthetic in the minor operating theatre and lasts about 45minutes; following the operation you can go home.

The procedure involves making an incision around the hairline in the sideburn area, leaving a small scar in the hair line on both sides that in many cases will be hidden by the hair. Dissolving sutures are used, so in many cases it is unnecessary to have any sutures removed. In general you should be able to resume normal light activities within 24 hours. You need to be realistic regarding the outcomes as this is in no way equivalent to a facelift. The particular options for you will be discussed during the consultation with Mr Humzah.

The overall result of the One Stitch Lift is a subtle, refreshed and youthful look with a minimal downtime. The results will last in general for 12 – 18 months. However, it is important that you consider a facial rejuvenation / maintenance programme to prolong the results and gain the maximum benefit from the One Stitch Lift. 

Guide Price:  Approximately £ 3,000.00

Where can I have a consultation?

Plastic surgery clinics are available at Beechwood House Medical Centre, Wolverhampton and Roseville House Dental Practice, Gloucester.

Where can I have my plastic surgery?

The One Stitch Lift  is performed at Beechwood House Medical Centre, Wolverhampton.

Where to get further information.

For further information on all procedures, please contact us on 0800 084 2321 or email