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Dermal Fillers / Facial Contouring

The ageing process may result in loss of skin tone, contour changes and wrinkles (“laughter lines”). Traditionally these have been treated by plastic / cosmetic surgical techniques, e.g. facelift. However, there are now many non-surgical cosmetic techniques that can achieve similar results without the risks, recovery time and costs associated with surgery. 

Dermal fillers have become popular in treating contour defects and lines associated with ageing. There are many different types of dermal fillers available and it is important that you are aware of these differences before proceeding with treatment. The different products will be discussed with you and a decision made as to which are suitable for you. It is possible to combine this with other cosmetic procedures - for example BOTOX®, Azalure®, or Bocoutoure®.

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Types of dermal fillers

Broadly speaking, dermal fillers may be regarded as either temporary or long-lasting.

Temporary fillers are injected under the skin and, in general, will need to be topped up every 3 to 6 months. These fillers are produced from a variety of sources. They are usually injected by trained doctors or nurses. Mr Humzah offers several different fillers to suit you specifically e.g. RestylaneJuvedermBelotero or Radiesse.

Long-lasting are a new group that have recently become available e.g. Radiesse or Ellanse.

How is the treatment performed?

The procedure will be fully explained to you. The injection procedure is commonly performed using a local anaesthetic injection (similar to that used by the Dentist) to numb the area to be treated. The injection is painless or only mildly uncomfortable. A combination of needles or canulas (blunt needle) will be used in treating your facial areas. If a large area is to be treated Mr Humzah Consultant Plastic Surgeon may recommend a staged approach. In order to improve your safety an Ultrasound scan is made of the area to be treated to identify any vessels and confirm the position of the filler.

Which areas can be treated?

Many facial contours may be addressed with fillers, Mr Humzah will assess your requirements and provide you with a detailed programme of treatment.

How much does this treatment cost?

The fee for this treatment is a guide; fees will be individually calculated for you after your consultation.

Guide Price:  From £305.00