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Earfold - A new procedure for prominent ears

A new technique without the need for general anaesthetic is set to relieve the embarrassment suffered by the one in 50 of us who have prominent ears.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah is the first plastic surgeon in the West Midlands to offer a revolutionary technique called earFold to correct prominent ears ("Bat ears").

The new technique, earFold, provides a lasting solution to those afflicted with prominent ears and is available for patients from the age of 7.

Up to two per cent of the population suffers with this problem which, until now, has normally meant surgery under general anaesthetic in hospital.

EarFold is quick and easy. There’s no need for the surgeon to have to book and tie up a much-needed main operating theatre in a hospital as the procedure can be done in a minor op room in just 20 minutes.”

 The procedure requires only a small incision under local anaesthetic and a few small stitches that do not need to be removed.

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