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French ANSM Expert Committee Decision on Breast Implants 8-9 February 2019

French ANSM Expert Committee

Decision February 8-9-2019

Excerpt from ISAPS

The committee’s recommendation to the ANSM said that Allergan BioCell breast implants should no longer be sold, and that caution should be applied to the use of all roughly textured implants. It said other textured breast implants remained appropriate for some patients and recommended against preventive removal of implants for patients who already have Allergan BioCell implants.

The ramifications of this decision remains to be clarified because the decision to prohibit the sale of BioCell was the decision of the French regulatory body. The recommendation of the expert committee will be next evaluated by the French ANSM. ISAPS will update its member surgeons when more is known.

PD Surgery has not used these implants, but if any of our patients are concerned, Mr Humah will ne happy to discuss your concerns. You can contact us to arrange a discusion with Mr Humzah at one of his clinics at: The Ramsay West Midlands Hospital , The Ramsay Winfield Hospital Gloucester, The London Welbeck Hospital or Summerfield Healthcare Wolverhampton.


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