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Introducing Sanispaces - Clean air

Sanispaces Ozone and UV-C disinfecting solutions help eliminate viruses and bacteria, both in the air and on all surfaces, we know that the sun may prevent the possibility of the spreading of bacteria. In 1877, two English researchers Downes and Blount discovered that the breeding of micro-organisms appered to stopp when exposed to the sunlight.​

Later research has shown that the effect comes from the invisible light of the radiation of the sun that is below 320 Nm. With this new knowledge, researchers understood that it would be possible to create the same type of bacteria destroying radiation artificially. This kind of disinfection, without the use of chemicals or use of high temperatures, has revolutionised the effectiveness of cleaning in areas previously not accessible or difficult to get to. Today, disinfection with UV-C light is not only very valuable but also a necessity as a supplement to other disinfection methods

The UV spectrum is divided into three areas:​
UV-A, long wave, 315-400 nm
UV-B, medium wave, 280-315 nm
UV-C, short wave, 100-280 nm

We have recently installed the Sanispaces 60H  to keep our airspace in the offices clean.


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