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MDH Skin arrives

MDH Skin arrives
Here's  some refreshing good news  for Spring and April- we have been working on our own special skin care range - MDH Skin-  this has finally arrived!  We have developed a Retinol cream for night use (R+) and a high strength anti-oxidant VitaminC cream for daily use. 

We  will be offering these products  as a viable alternative to  the other skin products we have recommended. Our test subject showed major improvements in wrinkles (10-16%), pores (3-13%) and unevenness (2-9%) after 2 weeks of use. For  more information I wrote this as a short report in Linkedin .
We will try to keep the costs of these products as reasonable as possible. 
To pre-order and get these products contact us on:

 0800 0842321

or  e mail:

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