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Update August 2021 #1: Facetite / Morpheus 8/ Profhilo / Lanluma/ Radiesse

Our clinics and theatre spaces are filling up as we are trying to catch up with the waiting list that occurred due to the lockdown.. We have also started to develop a clinic in Oxfordshire - and if you are interested in attending there, please contact us.

The interest in the Facetite / Necktite / Accutite and Morpheus 8 (Judy Murray Treatmen) as featured in the press recently continues to grow and Mr Humzah, Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon has been teaching colleagues on how to use this revolutionary technology. He has been to Exeter, Bristol and used the Wolverhampton Clinic to train colleagues on this procedure on behalf of the InMode company. We are also looking for possible "models" who can be part of the teaching programme, if you are interested in this please contact us.

Mr Humzah Consultant Plastic Surgeon has been looking at some new arrivals in terms of fillers and in particular biostimulators. An interesting product  is Lanluma which  is an ideal  biostimulator and a new collagen stimulating injectable for face, neck and body. It is also used to reshape contour deformities for example around the buttock region. Profhilo continues to be used extensively and Mr Humzah Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon has been invited to launch Profhilo into the international community and train colleagues abroad (in a virtual setting).  He has spoken at events in Australia, India, South Africa and will be involved in the launch of Profhilo in New Zealand, Vietnam, Mexico and The Netherlands. He was one of the faculty on the Train the Trainers for IBSA on the new Profhilo Body product due to be launched very shortly.

Profhilo and  Radiesse HD (Hyper-Dilute) are injectable treatments that are a great addition to stimulate the skin and its components. We are developing the "Radfhilo" treatment programme that combines these two powerful biostimulators to give a long-term effect.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

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